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Which Skin Problems Need Attention?

If you are like most people, you have probably woken up to the horror of a glaring zit or a bright red itchy rash on your skin. Well, you are not alone. Being the largest body organ, the skin has several functions, among them being waste disposal. Every now and then, the skin may have some issues. Skin problems are common; most are painfully embarrassing while others maybe indications of a more serious problem. Either way, it is important to note that anything that affects the skin may have far reaching psychological, in addition to physical, effects. 

While most skin problems can be solved by a proper diet, good hygiene and drinking enough water, some issues may require more dire measures to solve. Here are some of the most common problems that require urgent attention.


While this is a condition that is mostly prevalent in teen years and clears on its own, it can be quite serious if not handled appropriately. It is usually characterized by pimples which form when the skin pores are clogged. 

The pimples commonly manifest on the face and neck, shoulders and sometimes on the chest and back. Black and white heads are the most common forms of acne. However, the more serious version of this condition is the cystic and nodular acne which go deep into the skin and can cause serious scarring.

If you notice any painful pimples, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist for diagnosis. Most of the acne cases can be effectively treated if diagnosed early enough.


One of the most common causes of rashes and inflamed, itchy skin patches today is eczema. It is usually as a result of allergenic reactions to a range or irritants. Serious cases of eczema may lead to bleeding on the parts of the skin that are affected. 

The most common forms of eczema are:

Atopic dermatitis, which mainly occurs in children, is a genetic skin condition characterized by rashes behind the knees and on elbow crux. The rashes are often itchy
Contact dermatitis mainly affects adults and is mainly an allergic reaction to environmental irritants such as cosmetics, metallic jewelry, fragrances etc
Nummular dermatitis causes coin shaped, red, flaky itchy patches especially if the skin is too dry

With the right medication such as corticosteroids, eczema can be easily treated. Additionally, simple habits such as moisturizing the skin to avoid drying and creating a barrier between the skin and environmental irritants can help. 

Seborrheic Dermatitis

This is a distinct skin condition, separate from other dermatitis forms. It is characterized by waxy and oily skin patches, especially on the scalp. This condition can also affect babies to create a dandruff-like condition usually referred to as cradle cap. This can occur in the first 6 months of a baby’s life.

Skin Cancer

This is one of the most prevalent cancers today. The most common skin cancer conditions today are characteristic of squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma. Melanoma is also quite prevalent, but not as common as the other two.

One of the main causes of skin cancer is excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. This exposure usually leads to hyperpigmentation and/or sun damage. It is therefore advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure to ultraviolet rays as well as wear sunscreen every time you are outdoors.


This is one of the most chronic skin conditions. It is usually characterized by bright red, thick, scary skin tissue. This silvery scary tissue first occurs on the knees and elbows and spread to the joints, hands or the scalp, but other forms can affect other areas. This condition is disfiguring and chronic and is mostly genetic.


This is an extremely contagious skin condition that is mostly characterized by blisters and sores around the trunk, mouth and nose. While it mostly occurs in children, it is important to know that is can affect anyone. 

If you notice any blisters or sores on your skin, it is important to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. While most sores and blisters disappear after use of antibiotics, some are an indication of deeper issues. Therefore, instead of using self-prescribed antibiotics, it is important to first take the necessary tests.

Parting Shot

There are a myriad of skin conditions that affect humans today. Most of them are caused by poor eating habits, poor hygiene, insufficient water intake, allergenic irritants, genetics as well as hormonal imbalance. Most of these conditions can be easily treated once diagnosed.  

The effective treatment options always depend on the specific causes of the skin condition. Therefore, it is important to have a dermatologist check your condition to determine the most effective remedy. If you are not in a position to make an appointment, you can simply go online at reclaimyourskin.co.uk and have any concern diagnosed and addressed. It is not advisable to self-prescribe drugs when it comes to skin conditions.